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Rachel McPherson

 Animal-Human Wellness Activitst,

Founder and Executive Director of The Good Dog Foundation, Author, , Entrepreneur


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Bash At Barneys Event
Save the Date! Thursday, November 7, 2013
to benefit The Good Dog Foundation
Fred's Restaurant  at Barneys New York

Every Dog Has A Gift
Interview with ​​Rachel McPherson, author of Every Dog Has A Gift 

FBI Conference 

Rachel McPherson speaks on behalf of The Good Dog Foundation to the New England Chapter of the F.B.I. National Academy Associates Conference. 

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Over 15 years ago as a film maker, I set out to produce a documentary on therapy dog services but as I learned more, I fell in love with this important work, stopped making the film, and founded The Good Dog Foundation. With great dedication, I lead Good Dog in helping to change New York State law to allow therapy dogs into health care facilities. Since 1998, The Good Dog Foundation makes more than 330,000 annual visits with our trained dog therapy teams to people in health care, social service, community organizations and schools in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

I want to share with you my passion for the human-animal bond. I have always been an advocate for animals.  Today, we know of the positive impact that one-on-one interactions with our canine companions can have on the state of humans. Therapy dog teams can bring comfort and joy to people receiving chemotherapy; restore a sense of control to people whose lives have been upended by an illness or disability; serve as the perfect audience to help disadvantaged children practice and improve reading skills; comfort the bereaved and victims of disasters and much more. All of this happens with the amazing experience of the human-animal bond. 'Good Dogs are Good Medicine!'

This website is to share my story, offer the latest news and updates in this remarkable and innovative therapeutic field. Thank you! Rachel McPherson